Aretha Franklin Leaves 'No Will' Might Cause A Stir Within Family

September 2, 2018



It is always important to leave a will for your important people to leave behind once you're gone. Especially, if you're the one with a huge heir under your name. 

The Queen of Soul left this Earth and is now laid to rest. Though she didn't leave no will behind.

Her attorney, Don Wilson, had tried to convince Franklin into writing a will, but she just never got around to do it. 

The soul singer wasn't married and had four sons, Clarence, Edward, Kecalf and Ted Jr, who are between the ages of 48-63.

So under the state law of Michigan, the sons will split her heir in four ways since their is no will. 

So far, there is no conflict between the family and let's hope that there won't be any conflict between them.


via CBS 11