Alabama Man Will Travel All 50 States And Offer Lawn Care For Free

June 19, 2018



An Alabama man is going viral on Twitter for offering lawn care services for free to the elderly, people with disabilities, single mothers and vets. 

Rodney Smith Jr, founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, which is a normal lawn service company founded in Alabama. The difference is that he travels in his car and mows lawns for FREE.

This summer, he will be traveling to the 50 states and will also teach children about lawn mower safety, importance of community service and to encourage people to take the #50YardChallenge.

According to his website, the #50YardChallenge is for children to cut 50 lawns FOR FREE in their hometown for the elderly, single mothers, vets, etc and in return, will recieve different colored shirts. Once they reach 50 lawns, Smith will visit the children, mow lawns with them for free and Smith will give them a brand new lawn mower. 

To check out this amazing challenge and who he is, click here.


Marco A. Salinas