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Is It Rude To Recline Your Seat On A Plane?

December 30, 2018

The room we have on flights is getting smaller and smaller.

More seats are being added to planes, making our space tighter and tighter.  Thus, the smallest things can tend to set us off on flights, which makes this quandary very interesting.  Is it rude to recline your seat on a plane?

Now, the seats obviously recline for a reason, but is there some unwritten book if flight travel that everyone must adhere to?  Is it rude to lean your seat back?

A new survey has found that 41% of fliers found it completely rude to recline your seat on a plane at all.  Of the 858 people that responded to the survey, 16% always recline, 20% usually do, 14% recline about half the time, 30% do only once in a while, and 20% never recline.  And of those surveyed, 70% said they would not completely eliminate the option or seats to recline.

The most important, we feel, statistic of the entire survey, is that 64% of passengers said they would not recline their seat if the person sitting behind them asked them not to.  They're the person getting the short end of the stick by you reclining, right?  If they're uncomfortable, it's probably best not to recline the seat.

So what do you think?  Is it rude to recline your seat on a plane?  Should you ask the passenger behind you if it's ok to recline your seat?  Do you need to ask at all?

Via FiveThirtyEight