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IHOP Introduces Pancake Beer

September 25, 2018

Ever wish you could drink a pancake?  Well IHOP just made that possible, sort of.  

The famous for its breakfast chain has now joined forces with New York brewery Keegan Ales to introduce to the world: IHOPS Pumpkin Pancake Stout.  

The beer is inspired by the restaurant's pumpkin spice pancakes and actually contains ingredients from the flapjacks.  The stout blends “IHOP's signature Buttermilk pancake batter mix with ingredients from its fall menu” in order to get such a unique taste.  

"Every year, our guests eagerly await the return of our seasonal pancakes: Pumpkin Spice, Cinn-A-Stack, and a new combination of the two this year, Pumpkin Cinn-A-Stacks, which tastes just like a pumpkin pie and a cinnamon roll married and had a food baby," said IHOP chief marketing officer Brad Haley. "Our advertising agency, Droga5, suggested that those same ingredients that make our fall pancakes so delicious would also make a great tasting beer, and we wholeheartedly agreed.”

However there is one drawback to the new brew.  Anyone that wants to try a bottle of IHOPS won't be able to hit up the nearest IHOP for one. 

It's only being sold at select distributers and fests in New York.  It's also only being sold for a limited time through the month of October. 

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