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Dmitrii Melnikov |

Hennessy Fest Shut Down In Dallas After Fight Breaks Out, Causing Chaos In Crowd

No Arrests Have Been Made At This Time

October 28, 2018

A festival in Dallas has been shut down Saturday evening after a fight broke out, and attendants heard someone yell “gun.” The large crowd went into a panic, and forced police to shut down the event in order to control the hectic crowd.

The Hennessey Festival, “a celebration of the world’s most popular cognac,” according to their website was set to begin today at 3 PM and go until 10 PM. The fight causing the commotion started just before 7 PM, causing law enforcement to shut things down before the scheduled ending.

The fight, started by two males in attendance caused someone to shout “gun,” sending the crowd into a panic, as everyone began to run for safety. Dallas police has said no actual shots have been fired and no arrests were made. However, the fight and ensuing chaos caused the event to be shut down as a safety precaution.

One commenter on the Hennything Fest Facebook page wrote, “I was in a party of 8 tonight that was ultimately chased down from a stampede of patrons at your event.” While the crowd did get out of hand during the events, no arrests were made, and as of now there are no reports of added violence, or injuries.