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By Next Year Almost Half Of All Phone Calls Will Be Scam Calls

September 17, 2018

So it's probably safe to say almost all of us don't answer the phone when it's from a number we don't know.  And those pesky unknown numbers aren't likely to slow down anytime soon according to a new report.

According to a company known as First Orion, around half of all mobile phone calls are likely going to be scam calls by next year.  

This year alone, scam calls in the U.S. went up to 29.2 percent from 3.7 last year.  First Orion predicts by 2019 that percentage will be around 44.6.  

"Year after year, the scam call epidemic bombards consumers at record-breaking levels, surpassing the previous year and scammers increasingly invade our privacy at new extremes," First Orion CEO Charles Morgan said.

"Scammers relentlessly inundate mobile phones with increasingly convincing and scary calls," said Gavin Macomber, senior vice president of marketing at First Orion. "Solving a problem of this magnitude requires a comprehensive, in-network carrier solution that dives deeper than third-party applications ever could by detecting and eliminating unwanted and malicious calls before they reach your phone."

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