Spider-Man Playing Video Games

Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Guy Shows Up To His Last Day Work Dressed As Spider-Man

January 31, 2019

Seeing co-workers leave one job for another happens all the time, how they handle their last day typically depends on the situation.

How would you leave your place of business? Would HR throw you a nice party? Would you meet your co-workers for drinks after hours, or go on a crazy tirade? Not this dude!

After quitting his job at the bank, this guy thought it would be pretty funny to show up to his last day of work dressed as a superhero. It might be weird to show up as Batman, and maybe a little inappropriate to show up as the Hulk. So he came into the office in a skintight Spider-Man costume. Because that's not weird at all? 

The unnamed bank employee in São Paulo, Brazil continued doing his job like he normally would, helping customers over the phone and mingling with other co-workers. Of course, everyone in the office was taking pictures of Spider-Man. How could they not? Soon after photos of Spidey working in the office quickly went viral, he even posed for a few of them. He can be seen hanging out, working on the computer and assisting fellow employees. Check out the pictures below.

Guy worked in a bank, resigns and goes to work the last day dressed as a Spider-Man

A video even made its way online, Spider-Man could be seen walking around the office passing out a few gifts to some of his co-workers. He definitely left a lasting impression in the office. Hopefully, this means he left his job at the bank on good terms. Check out the video below. 

Via: Indian Express