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Greyhound Passengers Mutiny After Driver Repeatedly Falls Asleep Behind The Wheel

March 25, 2018

Greyhound passengers aboard a 21 hour trip from Phoenix to Dallas noticed that their driver was starting to nod off during the drive. The 60 people aboard all claim to have noticed the bus swerving as the driver struggled to keep herself awake.

Several passengers report that the driver was even using tweezers to pinch herself awake... Passengers say they were in fear for their lives, having to yell 'wake up' on multiple occasions.

Passengers pleaded with the driver to pull over, but the driver refused to yeld. A video taken by one off the passengers shows several people exchanging heated words with the driver, as they got out of their seats. You can hear the driver yell back, refusing to pull over.

Finally, with no other choice, the passengers called the highway patrol for an escort, forcing the driver to finally pull over.

Vai Daily Mail