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6-Year-Old Girl Secretly Buys $350 Worth Of Toys On Amazon

August 19, 2018

6-year-old Katelyn Lunt spent an entire day doing extra chores around the house, so her mother decided to reward her with a Barbie doll ordered from Amazon.

Katelyn asked her mother, Catherine, if she could check her Amazon account and see when the doll would be delivered.  Catherine went ahead and let her.  bad move, Mom.

Once Katelyn gained access to the account, she ordered a "Barbie Collection," so to speak.  She ordered almost $400 worth of dolls, houses, and accessories.  Catherine wasn't aware of the order until she checked on another Amazon transaction later in the week.  Then she notices the bounty of Barbies headed her way.  She said, "I saw a few items that I didn't recognize and I was able to cancel them.  But then, as I kept looking, there were two or three pages of items that had already shipped."

The next morning, the boxes were dropped at their door.

Instead of keeping the toys, Katelyn and her mother decided she wanted to donate them to the same children's hospital she stayed when she was a little younger.  Catherine said, "We were going to send the packages back to Amazon but we decided to donate them.  Katelyn helped us deliver the packages, so I guess we used it more as a teaching moment than a time for punishment."

Via People