Cubs At Home Opener

Photo by Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/TNS/Sipa USA

Fourth Grader Skips School For the Cubs Game, Runs into Principal

April 13, 2018

More like a backwards version of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 

Fourth grader Tucker Steckman skipped school to attend the Chicago Cubs home opener on Tuesday. With him a sign that read, “Skipping school … shh! “Don’t tell Principal Versluis.” Little did Tucker know that his principal was doing the same thing, skipping school to see the cubbies.

The MLB Twitter account saw a photo of Tucker and his sign online and re-tweeted it. The photo then received over 600 re-tweets and over 5,000 likes. Kind of hard not to be seen when your online. But that's not what gave Tucker away. Principal Patrick Versluis took his son with him to the game and ran into Tucker by chance. Versluis told the Chicago Sun Times, “I saw him and I was kind of ducking down, I didn't want him to see me either. I’m here with my son, Aiden, who’s in fifth grade, and I called out sick for the day!”

Principal Versluis says that Tuckers unscheduled absence won't hurt his attendance record, “He’s a great kid, he was student leader of the year. I thought the sign was hilarious.” 

Via: New York Post