'Fortnite' Is Causing Divorces

September 17, 2018

We've seen it all before.  Every so often, a new gaming obsession emerges and seems to cause all kinds of mayhem.  

World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Pokemon Go and now: Fortnite.  

Unless you have been living in a cave for around the past year and a half, you are more than likely familiar with the extraordinarily popular and addictive, free online shooter. 

Well, it just reached a new milestone in destroying lives. 

Apparently people are now getting divorced because of the game's addictive nature.  In a recent report, more than 200 divorce proceedings have the game cited along with other complaints.  And that's just for the year of 2018 alone, and primarily in the UK at the moment.  

But we have a gut feeling the game has been mentioned in plenty of divorces here in the States as well.  

Just remember if you value your marriage or relationship in general, put the controller down and walk away from it for a while.

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