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Fort Worth ISD Begins Billboard Campaign To Recruit Oklahoma Teachers

May 9, 2018

Fort Worth ISD has begun to set up billboards in various cities throughout Oklahoma in order to try and bring teachers from our neighboring state to ours.

The billboard ads were revealed on Monday May 7, 2018, saying, “Your future is in a Fort Worth classroom — teacher starting salary $52,000.”  All of the funding for these ads have come directly from the Fort Worth school board.  

Clint Bond, the district spokesman for Fort Worth, said that Oklahoma has a group of quality teachers and that the district wants to show them that Fort Worth has much to offer.   

Superintendent Nick Migliorino in Norman, OK,  said that neighboring states attempting to bring more competition isn't all that new.  He also said that Oklahoma still has a far way to go when it comes to competing in the market for quality teachers.   

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