Naked Gardener


Guy Tends To His Plants Without Any Pants

September 21, 2018

Go ahead and do chores and walk around your house naked, just don’t step outside without any pants. 

One man in Florida feels the need to be in touch with his plants, so much so that he tends to his outdoor garden in the nude and his neighbors aren’t too pleased with the sight they have to deal with. Turns out the man is a nudist and not only does he do his yard work naked, but anything outside as well, like working on his car. 

One neighbor told WPBF News that she went outside to throw her trash out, looked over and saw him bent over winding up his garden hose. While many of man's neighbors disapprove of his lifestyle some of them don’t mind.

Though many of the gentleman’s neighbors have notified police but they say as long as he isn't touching himself inappropriately, there is nothing they can do since he is on his own property. 

When asked for a comment the man told the news station that he was not interested in an interview because he and his family are private people.