Child police officer

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Five-Year-Old Cop Patrols Neighborhood After Car Is Stolen

Kid cop Jack Allison is keeping his neighborhood safe

August 19, 2019

The Phoenix Police has a new addition five-year-old Jack Allison.  Young Jack, has taken it upon himself to keep the neighborhood streets safe by patrolling the area for the last two months after someone broke into his garage and stole his toy Tesla.

"We got robbed, and robbers stole our Tesla," Jack explained. Toy Tesla that is.

Allison explains after the thefts occurred, it completely changed Jack’s outlook on life.  Now he dedicates his time to find evidence to catch the bandits.

"I get to protect people," Jack said proudly.

Jack put together a police uniform with a "bulletproof vest" and toy guns.  He was only missing a patrol car. The Phoenix Police Department heard about Jack’s mission and decided to step in to help escort and deliver the new toy Tesla with his family.  The department even gave him a badge.

"Now we're on patrol all the time," Allison said. "He's going to catch bad guys. This is his new life goal."

Source: MSN News

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