Candy Canes


Clam & Mac-N-Cheese Flavored Candy Canes Will Be In Stores This Holiday Season

September 29, 2018

You can fill the stockings with gross flavored candy canes instead of coal this year. 

The candy maker Archie McPhee has come up with the weirdest flavors for candy canes this holiday season. The company’s tagline is “We Make Weird”, and they certainly did. 

This year they’re bringing us Clam and Mac-N-Cheese Flavored candy canes. Yes, something you would eat for dinner will be in candy cane form.

This oddly flavored candy will only run you $5.95 for a six-pack and is totally worth it for a good holiday prank. 

Do you know someone who’s been naughty this year? If so, give 'em one of these.

Via: Fox 4 News