Fans Have Spotted A HUGE Difference In Cinderellas 3D Design

June 7, 2018

Something feels a little eerie about this new Cinderella. 

The Trailer for Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 was finally released this week, the best part of the trailer was the scene that features all the of Disney princesses in one room together. 

Now that the trailer has been out for some time, fans have been discovering all the Easter eggs featured in it. One eagle eyed fan pointed out the biggest difference in the original and 3D design for Cinderella. We'll give you a minute to try and figure it out. 

Do you see it? If the 3D Cinderella looked weird at first, its cause original design for Cinderella doesn't have any ears and the new one does. 

Maybe the animators forgot to add ears to Cinderella, all of the Disney princesses after her have ears. It's probably never crossed your mind that Cinderella doesn't have ears, but now you will always notice. Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck- It Ralph 2 hit theaters on November 22nd. Check out the trailer below. 

Via: Yahoo