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Fan Theory About 'Grease' Gets John Travolta's Attention

June 3, 2018

"Grease" may be 40 years old, but that hasn't stopped fans of the iconic musical film from coming up with their own backstories and theories about the movie.  

In fact one favorite theory of John Travolta's is one where Sandy played by Olivia Newton-John, is actually dead in the movie.  "I love it, imaginations are awesome," Travolta said.  "These things are bound to happen to something timeless like this," continued Travolta. "It's so fun."

According to the fan theory, at the beginning of the movie, Sandy did drown while on the beach with Danny, and the rest of the movie is her fantasy while she was in a coma. 

The theory continues to suggest that the ending of the film when Danny and Sandy fly off in their car into the clouds was her dying.  Also, it would explain Danny's boast to his friends in the song "Summer Nights," when he sings: "I saved her life. She nearly drowned."   "I could have fun with it," shares Travolta, adding that he knows "the writers of 'Grease,'" and he "was around in the original days," so he "can't take it too far."

"He's bragging, it was made up to impress the boys," explained Travolta of the questionable lyrics.

"(Sandy and Danny) have two different stories and somebody is lying. Most likely, it's Danny. But I don't want to spoil the fun for everyone," he admits. 

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