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Fan Who Went Viral Reacting To Wedding Proposal At Mavs Game Now Invited To Wedding

Everyone Loves A Happy Ending

November 3, 2018

There’s nothing like a sporting event wedding proposal. It is most guys dream and a nightmare for most women, but in the end it usually brings the crowd to a standing ovation, and makes for a great proposal experience. There was an in game proposal this week at a Dallas Mavericks game, and while the proposal went great, it was a fan reaction that made the video go viral.

When Keith Houseworth dropped to a knee to propose to girlfriend, Panda Green, he had no idea the video from the in game video board would go viral. How could he? He didn’t plan for a fan from a row behind him to jump down to get in the picture, and react alongside the proposal with great emotion.

That’s exactly what Jonathan Miller did during the game. You can see in the video, Jonathan Hop a few people in order to get his face dead center on the screen, and in the middle of the soon to be husband and wife. The internet’s reaction was quick and heavy, as it always is, with some feeling Jonathan Miller ruined the moment, while others loved his over the top reaction to the heart-warming moment.

The internet’s opinion may be important to some, but in this case all that matters is how the bride to be felt about the moment. Lucky for Jonathan, Panda Green loved the moment, finding the video hilarious, and even extending an invite to her wedding. “Whether people think he stole the show or not is good with us because what matters is that Keith and I are happy,” said Panda Green about the viral video of her proposal.

The wedding is set for November 1, 2019, and the couple hopes their viral partner will be in attendance. Hopefully we get another video that day of him reacting throughout the entire wedding. Who knows, maybe he gets ordained and can become a part of that special day as well?

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