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Texas School District Will Implement A 4-Day School Week Starting On Monday

August 3, 2019

How nice would it have been to only go to school for four days? Like a dream come true, right? 

This year Athens ISD over in East Texas will begin their four-day school week starting on August 5th. Yes, students and teachers will only have to attend school Monday through Thursday. According to the school district, the point of this new schedule is to encourage new teachers to move to the district. 

“Because of where we are, we’re not that far from Dallas, and so we are at a bit of a competitive disadvantage when it comes to salaries. The number one motivating factor for implementing a four-day instructional week here in Athens is to retain and recruit the very best teachers.”

One of the changes that come with a 4-day school week is that the students now go back earlier and star summer later. Last year students went back to school on August 15th and started summer vacation on May 23rd. This year, students start school on August 5th and end on May 28th.

Some parents agree with the new schedule most do not, now that they have to pay for childcare on Fridays. Teachers are glad that they will have an extra day to plan their weekly lessons. What do you think of a 4-day school week?