Cowboys and Eagles Fans

Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles Fan Brought A Cowboys Coffin To Sundays Game

November 12, 2018

Cowboys’ fans might be some of the drunkest in the NFL, but the Eagles are some of the most brutal. 

The Philadelphia Eagles planned on wearing their black jerseys for Sunday night’s game against the Cowboys. Some fans were calling it a funeral for the Cowboys. 

A news reporter in Philadelphia spotted an Eagles fan in the parking lot with a coffin. Yes, a real coffin. It wasn’t your average wooden coffin either; it was white and decked out with Cowboys stickers all over. Check out the picture below. 

This fan was hoping the Eagles would bury the Cowboys. Turns out they were wrong, the Cowboys ended up beating the Eagles 27-20, and took home a win on the road. 

Now the defending Super Bowl champs might not even make the playoffs this season.

Better luck next time Eagles.

Via: NBC Sports