Family Cleaning the house

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Dyson Sell’s A Toy Vacuum For Kids That Actually Works

November 28, 2018

Kids like to do odd things; some even enjoy cleaning the house. They may not be doing the best job, but they like it. 

The vacuum company Dyson has now made a toy for all the children that like playing house and pretending to vacuum. Your kids will now be able to clean the house with a smaller version of their signature product the Dyson Ball.

The Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum is recommended for kids ages 3-9 and comes with colorful balls that bounce around the inside for all to see. It even makes realistic sounds just like a kids toy would. 

The toys online description reads, “Take your little one's role-playing to a new level. The Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum makes helping around the house even more exciting and realistic for your child, making them feel like part of your world while also developing essential life skills.”

The best part about this miniature vacuum is that it has real suction power, and comes with a removable dustbin in the back. The kids will have fun while you get a slightly cleaner home. 

The suction on this vacuum has nowhere near the same amount of power as the real Dyson Ball but still manages to pick up a lot of dirt. You can order The Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum from Amazon for $29.99 and get it just in time for Christmas.  

Your kids will be able to pick up all of the messes they’ll make with their new favorite toy. 

Via: Apartment Therapy