Diving bird-hawk

Credit: Getty Images/Adrian-Morris

Duck For Cover North Dallas There Is An Attacking Hawk Charging the Neighborhood

Hawk intimidates North Dallas

August 10, 2019

A terrorizing hawk in a North Dallas neighborhood near Beltline and Hillcrest is swooping down dive-bombing people.

The protective hawk is attacking anyone that appears close to her nest.  Since, the hawk is a protected animal by various state and federal laws it cannot be picked up or possessed, therefore there is not much people can do but duck for cover.

Gary Black, one of the attacked neighbors explains the hawk came right above the top of his head. He ducked down and hawk looped back and tried to lunge at him.

A security camera captures the hawk diving down towards a man going to get the newspaper.

The intimidating hawk solely wants to protect its young.  It usually takes between four to five weeks after the eggs hatch for the young to leave their nest.  Fingers crossed the attacking hawk leaves the neighborhood by then.

Source: CBS 11