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DFW Airport Is Getting Its First Whatabuger EVER

August 1, 2018

That only took forever. 

You can pretty much find any kind of restaurant at DFW Airport except for a Whataburger, but that's about to change.

DFW Airport will get its first Whataburger since the airport opened 44 years ago. If you have a flight to catch and are craving a No. 1 with cheese, you better hurry because the Whataburger will be located over in terminal E. There’s no official date as to when the Whataburger will open other than sometime next year. 

Not only will Whataburger open in terminal E, according to the Dallas Morning News, a Starbucks, a Dickey’s Barbecue and a Fly Bar lounge and restaurant will open as well. 

DFW Airport just a got a whole lot better.