Photo By: Dreamstime

A Random Deer Walked Into Cook Children’s Hospital In Fort Worth

November 19, 2018

There are so many different entrances at hospitals that just about anyone could walk in. 

That’s exactly what happened over at the Cook Children's facility in north Fort Worth.

Only the random patient wasn’t human, it was a full-grown deer. One of the nurses at Cook Children’s was with a patient when they heard a loud bang. The deer had run straight into the sliding glass doors by the ambulance bay. The deer then triggered the doors to open and walked right on in. The staff became aware when they started to hear the hoof steps in the hallway. 

Check out the picture one of the nurses took down below. 

One of the nurses told WFAA that the deer had broken off both of its antlers once he hit the window. The deer was a six-point buck that they believe was about two-years-old. 

The deer walked into an empty exam room when the staff closed the door behind him. The nurses called animal services whom able to dart the deer and wheel him out. They were able to release the deer back into the wild. 

Maybe the poor guy was in need of a doctor.