Bryan Bedder / Staff

David Bowie’s Son Reveals Who He Wants To Make Bowie Biopic

Director Duncan Jones Had A Twitter Exchange With A Fan When The Topic Of A Potential Bowie Film Came Up

June 8, 2019

With all the rock biopics that are coming out, it was only a matter of time before the rumors of a David Bowie film started flying around. There was a project titled ‘Stardust’ that went into production in February; however the late musician’s son, Director Duncan Jones, refused to give the film his seal of approval. Now, the director has said he’s open to the idea, but only if Neil Gaiman and Peter Ramsey are involved.

Duncan Jones, who has directed films such as; ‘Moon,’ ‘Source Code’ and the upcoming ‘Rogue Trooper,’ recently had a Twitter exchange with a fan when the topic of a David Bowie biopic came up. The director said he would be intrigued but only if Gaiman and Ramsey were involved. Naturally, this set off a twitter exchange that had fans going nuts.

Neil Gaiman is best known as the author of ‘American Gods’ while Peter as the director of ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse.’ The two seemed very interested in potentially working on a David Bowie biopic, while the late singer’s son later added he would not be involved, but wouldn’t interfere with Gaiman and Ramsey’s work.

This interaction got plenty of fans excited, as even with all the rock biopics coming out, there is still one rock icon everyone wants to see immortalized in film; David Bowie. While nothing has been confirmed about un upcoming Bowie film, if his son gets his way, Gaiman and Ramsey will soon be getting to work.