Matthew McConaughey Served BBQ To First Responders Battling The California Wildfires

McConaughey and volunteers cooked over 800 turkey dinners for first responders

November 3, 2019
Matthew McConaughey cutting up meat

Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images Wild Turkey

On Friday actor Matthew McConaughey and his bourbon brand, Wild Turkey partnered with disaster relief organization Operation BBQ Relief to show their appreciation for first responders as part of their annual “With Thanks” campaign.

McConaughey was in Los Angeles to host an event in honor of National First Responder’s Day, due to the current fires in California they had a change of plans. 

The Oscar-winning actor and volunteers cooked 800 turkey dinners for first responders and delivered them to 20 firehouses in Southern California. They also dropped off 800 meals to various homeless shelters. 

Matthew McConaughey released a statement saying how grateful he was to be able to give back to those battling the wildfires currently taking place in California. 

“Teaming up with Operation BBQ Relief as part of the Wild Turkey ‘With Thanks’ has never been more meaningful. Little did we know when planning this annual event that California, my second home, would once again be hit with devastating fires. Being able to provide meals to the men and women who put themselves on the line is an honor for me, Jimmy and Eddie Russell. We are grateful to be here today to say thank you, shine a light on their unwavering conviction, and hopefully inspire others to get involved and help in their own communities.”

Via: FOX 4 News