Customers At Waffle House Chipped In To Help Out Lone Employee

November 10, 2019
Waffle House

Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV

Last Saturday night a Waffle House near Birmingham, Alabama had a scheduling error that left one employee without any help. Luckily a few customers pitched in to lighten the load.

When local resident Ethan Crispopopped in for a late-night waffle he realized something wasn’t right. He asked the one employee where his help was, he replied they hadn’t shown up.   

Then Crisposaw a man at the counter jump behind the counter, put on an apron and take his order. Crispoasked the lonely employee, who the man was and he responded that the man in the blue shirt was a paying customer. 

Soon after a female customer who had just been out with her friends came in and started bussing tables, serving orders, and making coffee. Then after one customer finished their meal, they stood up and began to pitch in as well. 

Director of PR and external affairs at Waffle House Pat Warner told Yahoo Lifestyle that the customers didn’t need to do that, but that they appreciate what they did. 

“We appreciate the customers’ effort, however, we prefer to have our associates behind the counter. Our concept works best when we serve the customer, not the other way around.”

Warner mentioned that they would love for the one customer to apply and join their team.

“He did a great job. We’d love for him to fill out an application and possibly officially join our team.”