Creepy Clown

Photo By: Dreamstime

Principal Chases Down Creepy Clown That Was Scaring Students After School

October 25, 2018

And the principal of the year award goes to...

Police in Aurora, Colorado were notified rather quickly when students at Horizon Middle School let their principal know a creepy clown was chasing them on their way home after school on Monday. 

Police posted on Twitter warning students of the creepy clown. The schools principal Ron Garcia y Ortiz wanted to get to the bottom of this and went to the location where the clown had been spotted with the school's security coordinator on Tuesday afternoon. 

The two saw the clown and chased him down. Less than 30 minutes later the clown was caught. No details of who the clown was have been released due to the fact that it was a juvenile.

The clown ended up getting a ride home from police according to a post from the APD, "Principal Ron Garcia y Ortiz nabbed the JUVENILE dressed as a clown, who is now getting a ride home via APD who will likely need to do some explaining to their parents!"

Somebody just has to be a clown this time of year. 

Via: Fort Worth Star-Telegram