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Company Offering "Furternity" Leave For New Pet Parents

August 25, 2018

If you believe pets are people too, you might want to send in a job application to Nina Hale.

Nina Hale is a digital marketing company in Minneapolis, and recently, they've begun to offer "furternity leave."  Hey, new mothers get a few weeks off for paternity leave, so it only makes sense that proud parents of a new fur baby should be allowed the same, right?  Yup.  It's paternity leave to take care of your new pet.  

Last May, Connor McCarthy and his girlfriend brought home a two-month-old Golden doodle named Bentley.  He was allowed a week of flexible hours to make sure Bentley adjusted to his new home.  McCarthy said, "I think being able to be home and being able to have that flexible schedule the first week really allowed Bentley to understand his new surroundings."  Allison McMenimen, executive director at Nina Hale, thinks it even isn't a question to allow new pet parents the chance to spend time with their fur babies.  She said, "We thought, 'Of course, that’s hardly a question.'  It's such a reasonable ask, and bringing a new puppy home is a big, important life step."

The policy at Nina Hale includes “any animal that doesn't primarily live in a cage," so sorry, fish owners.  No furternity leave for you.

Via Star Tribune