Little Girl With A lemonade stand

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McKinney Neighborhood Supports 5-Year-Old Whose Money Was Stolen From Her Lemonade Stand

July 28, 2019

5-year-old Katy of McKinney, Texas just wanted to help her parents out; little did she know how things would go. 

Her parents were having an estate sale over the weekend to help pay for Katy’s treatment that she’s been receiving for her neurofibromatosis. Katy wanted to help her parents pay for her medical treatment by having a lemonade stand. 

Katy’s mom Rebecca Drekmann, told WFAA that they’re currently downsizing to help pay for everything. "We’re selling everything that’s left. We’ve pretty much sold everything at this point.”

By Friday Katy had made about $100 just from selling lemonade. Her mother said at some point on Friday somebody stole all of Katy’s money. "We were distracted by a few people, and before we knew it after everybody left we looked over and Katy’s little jar that she was collecting her money in was completely empty." 

After hearing about the news, Katy’s neighbors took to social media to help spread the word about what had happened. Soon more neighbors in the community came out to support Katy. Rebecca said that everything worked out in the end. "Even though there was this one act of, you know, evil or bad, it turned out that it was a thousand acts of kindness that followed it. So, it wound up being a good thing."