Chuck E. Cheese Will Now Deliver Their Famous Pizza

May 26, 2018

If your an adult who loves the pizza from Chuck E. Cheese but doesn't have kids, the best thing ever just has happened.

No more waiting to be invited to your little niece or nephew's birthday, Chuck E. Cheese just announced that they will now start delivering pizza. You'll be able to order their extra cheesy pizza from any of their stores straight to your home.

A press release from CEC Entertainment Inc., says "We know families love our fresh, never frozen pizza as much as our games. After years of hearing from guests that we should offer a way for families to enjoy our delicious pizzas at home, we're excited to make delivery a reality as part of several game-changing initiatives that we have planned this year."

Not only can you order online, but also use third party apps like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash to place your order. Now you can enjoy the pizza from your youth as an adult. 

Via: Mashable