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California Is Set To Become The First State To Require Pet Stores To Sell Rescue Dogs, Cats And Rabbits Exclusively

The New Law Will Go Into Effect On January 1st, 2019

December 30, 2018

Everyone wants to go into the New Year making changes, and apparently the state of California wants to do the same. While most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned, it makes things a little easier when that resolution becomes an official law. Starting January 1st, 2019, California will become the first state to ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores, unless that animal comes from a rescue organization.

This law, officially known as AB 485, is a move by the state to crack down on puppy mills. With the number of pets needing to be rescued, this is a big step forward for the pet adoption movement. With this new law in place, pet stores will have to go through shelters and rescues in order to sell dogs, cats and rabbits.

According to AB 485, the law “requires all sales of dogs and cats authorized by this provision to be in compliance with laws requiring the spaying and neutering of animals, as specified.” In addition, the law would require all pet stores to maintain sufficient records of each pet sold, and where they got the animal from. It would also allow animal control agencies and shelters to periodically require access to these records.

Many turned to social media to share in excitement for the move. One twitter user wrote, “I have nothing but love and pride for my state.” Both residents of the state of California and supporters of pet adoption were thrilled with the state’s decision. In a move to crack down on puppy mills, many feel the state is starting the New Year on the right foot.

There’s no looking back now for California, as AB 485 goes into effect on the first day of the new year. The decision to enforce pet stores to sell dogs, cats and rabbits that come from shelters and rescues, seems like as good of a New Year’s resolution s any. If only the rest of us could make our resolutions an official law that can’t be broken.

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