Photo By: Dreamstime

Would Be Burglar Throws A Brick At Bulletproof Glass, Hits Himself In The Head

October 2, 2018

Maybe don’t use a brick when you burglarize a restaurant, or just don’t rob anyone in general. 

Police in Suitland, Maryland are looking for a suspect who tried to rob a take-out restaurant but gave up after hurting himself. Prince George's County Police released footage of the man breaking into the restaurant.

The man used a brick to shatter the glass to enter the waiting area, it all went downhill when he used the brick again to break into the back room. He threw the brick once and nothing broke, he tried again and nothing. On the third try, the brick ricocheted off the glass and hit the burglar right in the face bringing him to his knees. The man laid on the floor for a while before leaving empty-handed. 

Turns out the glass to the back room is bulletproof. The police are now calling him “The Bad Luck Bandit”. Check out the clip from the attempted robbery below.