Cedella Marely

Frederick M. Brown / Stringer

Jamaican Women's National Soccer Team Headed To World Cup Thanks To Bob Marley's Daughter

June 6, 2019

The Jamaican Women's National Soccer Team is headed to the Women's World Cup in France this weekend for the first time.  

In fact they're the first Caribbean nation competing in the tournament, and they owe a lot of thanks to one special woman.  

Cedella Marely, Bob Marely's oldest daughter.  

Apparently the country's soccer federation had cut funds to the team at the beginning of the decade, and after seeing a flier for donations to the team, Cedella decided to take action.  "People were saying no to (the women), and it was for no reason," Cedella recalled in an ESPN story published this week. "The more I got involved, the angrier I got."

With fundraising efforts and using her position as a top executive for her father's label Tuff Gong, people began to become more interested and aware of their situation.  She donated her own money and helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and even released a song with her brothers Stephen and Damian called "Strike Hard".  

However, funding was cut a second time in 2016.  Naturally Cedella began fundraising again and even found the team their coach Hue Menzies.  "That's just our culture," Menzies told ESPN. "If the Marley's are doing something, it's real."  And in the fall of 2018, the Reggae Girlz knocked out Panama to win their spot in the cup.  

-story via usatoday.com