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The World's Favorite Toy Depending On The Year You Were Born

Mine was GI Joe, cool!

May 3, 2019

Can you remember what the fad toy of your childhood was?

Not many can. You might have had a favorite toy, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it was the most popular toy at that time.

This is why we've found a list of the top toys in the world during the year you were born in!

Here's a few we were able to track for you. The full list can be found HERE.

Billy Kidd's:

Year 1970: GI Joe -The creation of this line of plastic soldiers eventually led to the coining of the term "action figure."

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YEAR 1973: NERF -These foam-based weapon toys stand for "non-expanding recreational foam" and earn around $400 million a year in revenue.

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YEAR 1976: Skateboard - Whether you're a skateboard novice or you're fully running on rocket power, skateboards have made a huge impact on pop culturesince they rolled into existence in the '50s. They didn't officially go mainstream until the early '70s when Frank Nasworthy created polyurethane skateboard wheels and gave skateboards the traction and performance they have today.

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YEAR 1980: Rubiks Cube - Originally called the Magic Cube, this cubic puzzle was invented by Hungarian sculptor and architecture professor Ernő Rubik. It may seem challenging, but there are 43 quintillion ways to solve this puzzle. Talk about options!

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YEAR 1983: Cabbage Patch Kids These plastic cherubs have consistently stayed one of the most popular dolls worldwide. And, contrary to popular belief, they’re “born” in the Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia, not in a cabbage patch.

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