In love with a ghost


Woman Wants To Start A Family With A Ghost

August 6, 2018

A 30 year old spiritual guidance counselor in England says she is in a a pretty serious "relationship" with a ghost she says she met this year in Australia.

Over the weekend, she revealed there may be a way to start a family with the ghost.

The woman's name is Amethyst Realm, and she claims she has had "intimate relations" with 20 ghosts over the last decade. But, according to The Daily Mail, she says when she met this "special spectral figure during a trip to Australia" she was sure this ghost is her one true ghoul.

The spiritual counselor also said she and the ghost are  pretty serious. In fact, they've even been thinking about having a ghost baby.

She went on to say that she and the ghost have been looking into it and don't think it's totally out of the question.

She does seem to be very transparent about her relationship.

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