Lady Rollerblading

Woman is Rollerblading Across the Country with No Money

May 10, 2018

We all hear of people walking, riding a bike or jogging cross country from coast to coast, but this girl put a different spin on it.

Yanise Hoe is from Hong Kong, and she's on a journey to rollerblade from coast to coast. Her route began in Miami, and is destined for New York. From there she will rollerblade all the way to Los Angeles. If that wasn't impressive enough, Yanise is also making the trip without any money and relying only on kindness.

"I wanted to show that there's a lot of love and kindness in the world. I'm not afraid because there are more good people than bad people in the world. For the past 56 days, there's not a day I've had to sleep on the street. Every night, somehow, I end up getting a hostess."

Yanise tells WCNC reporter that she's been given the nickname Lady Forest Gump, and that she's had people following behind her like in the movie. "There's a moment when people started running behind him, there are people who have started to skate behind me."

The other reason Yanise is rollerblading across the country is to raise money for a non profit One Girl Can. On day 56 her journey brought her over 1,000 miles to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Her route is ever changing according to her social media, if Yanise stays on course her current route will soon bring her to Texas. You can check out her route below, and you can follow Yanise's journey on Instagram.

Here’s the complete route of my solo rollerblading journey. I am only posting it now because my plans are never set in stone. I go wherever I sensed the calling. If there’s enough of you inviting me to go to a certain place, I might just skate there! . When I reached Atlanta, I was faced with 3 options: West, North, East; my heart told me to go thru the Carolinas to meet the people I was meant to cross paths with. So I changed my route completely. Checklist: ✔️Florida ✔️Georgia ✔️South Carolina ◻️North Carolina ◻️Virginia ◻️Washington DC ◻️Maryland ◻️New Jersey ◻️Pennsylvania ◻️New York ◻️Ohio ◻️Indiana ◻️Illinois ◻️Missouri ◻️Oklahoma ◻️Texas ◻️New Mexico ◻️Arizona ◻️California *thank God I didn’t have to spell Miss-si-ssi-ppi? -- . . . . #onegirlcanskateamerica . #adventure #adventuretravel #skateamerica #makeamericabladeagain #journeyoffaith #journeyoflove #believeinyourself #youcandoit #lifeonwheels #patines #inlineskate #rollerblade #onegirlcan #solofemaletravel #solofemalebackpacker #worldrecord #tourusa

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