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Woman Gives Birth At Charlotte Airport

“She came so fast”

December 1, 2019

The mommy to be Nereida Araujo, was 38 weeks pregnant when she boarded on her flight in Florida this past Wednesday. She was accompanied by her husband and two children. The family was headed to Pennsylvania to spend Thanksgiving with their family.

Araujo boarded American Airlines Flight 868 , which departed from Tampa, Florida and landed in Charlotte, North Carolina as a midway stop before she reached her final destination. She explained both her doctor and the airline cleared her to fly.

During the short flight she felt a pop in her lower back and her water break. She woke up her husband as she knew the baby was on the way. A passenger with medical knowledge helped the mom throughout the process. The pilots expedited the landing with first responders waiting. Paramedics and the Charlotte Fire Department, assisted in the delivery of the healthy baby girl at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, in the middle of the runway.

Peculiarly her parents decided to name their little miracle a very fitting name, Lizyana Sky Taylor inspired by the newborn’s uncommon birthplace. Sky arrived 11 days earlier than expected.

“Baby Sky decided to get into the world on a plane. Mommy handled it very well. Thank you to everyone who helped us with love and care," Araujo wrote on her Facebook account.

Via: USA Today