Newborn-Like Portraits


Woman Celebrates 288 Months Of Life With Newborn-Like Portraits

June 1, 2018

Ok, we all have that one friend who insists on giving their child's age in months. Even after the one year mark. "Little Jimmy is 26 months old." No, he's two! Just say two!

Now, imagine if a 24-year-old woman gave her age in months. That's 288 months to be exact. Well, we've found one Instagrammer that celebrated her birthday, not only in months but with a full blow newborn-like photo session.

Happy 288 months Zoey!!!

✨Darling girl is now 288 months to the day!✨She can eat solids regularly. Her favorites right now are Costa Vida and Spaghetti! , she sleeps 5-8 hours on a typical night. Her motor skills have upgraded! She walks, drives, and dances! She has learned to memorize her social security number and file her taxes. This little girl is growing up! Can’t wait to see what the future holds-- #whosaidyouhadtostopcountingmonths? Womb cred: @thegibbonsgang Pic cred: @alissaferrell Idea cred: @madi.murdock and @zackydear ----

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She doesn't look a day over 6 months.