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Carl Weathers And Dolph Lundgren Reunite For ‘Rocky IV’ Rematch

Lundgren Recently Posted A Photo Of The Two Actors At A Gym Together

August 29, 2019

34 years after one of the greatest boxing matches of all time, a rematch could be in the works. Carl Weathers, as Apollo Creed, and Dolph Lundgren, as Ivan Drago, faced each other in the ring at the beginning of ‘Rocky IV.’ Now, the two actors are hoping to get a rematch, or at least they say.

Rematch at Gold’s Gym Venice. ---- Apollo’s looking dangerous #carlweathers #rocky #rocky4

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While their famous fight may not have been real, the two have clearly remained in fighting shape, as Lundgren recently took to Instagram to share a photo of the two actors at the gym together. In his post, Lundgren wrote “Rematch at Gold’s Gym Venice. Apollo’s looking dangerous.”

Looks like these two gentlemen may be working together again.

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This comes just two weeks after Dolph Lundgren posted another photo with his other 'Rocky IV' costar. In that photo, Lundgren is spotting Sylvester Stallone while he works out. Many speculated this could mean the two actors could work together again soon. If not, at least we have the Apollo Creed-Ivan Drago rematch everyone has been waiting for.

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