Elderly man and woman in Halloween costumes

Credit: Getty Images/ Andrii Lemelyanenko

Watch Senior Citizens Doing the 'Thriller' Dance

They were spot on with their choreographed routine

November 11, 2019

Michael Jackson song, “Thriller” is one of the most iconic and choreographed fun dance routines. Check out these senior citizens as they bust a move.

The residents of Abbington Senior Living are pictured in full zombie gear and nodding to the “Thriller” music video, where Jackson dances with the undead. When the song begins, the senior citizens break into the choreography, matching the original routine almost move for move.  They took the internet by storm with this routine.

The song is known to go hand in hand with Halloween due to the horror elements, and the zombie like dance performed by Jackson, his army of the undead.

The senior citizens of Abbington Senior Living enjoyed being part of the fun.

Via: Time