Aladdin lamp

Credit: Getty Images/Elena Rui

Watch Robin Willams And The Aladdin Cast In The Recording Booth

New bonus reel of the cast released in upcoming home collection

August 16, 2019

Robin Williams and the cast of Disney’s 1992 animated movie Aladdin, deliver a new bonus reel from the upcoming home collection release of the film.  The new collection coincides with the release of the 2019 Aladdin remake.

The video showcases a peek of the recording booth sessions where Williams’ Genie, among others, first brought the amazing beloved characters to life.

It is a treat to see the voices behind the classic animated film give the performances that would be repeated decades and be passed on from generation to generation.

Watch and enjoy the crafty bonus clip and the best voiceover performances.

Look out for the Blu-ray release of Aladdin out in less than a month on September 10th. It is available on digital platforms starting August 27th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly