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Watch Out For This Deep Ellum Parking Scam

April 6, 2018

The Deep Ellum Arts Festival starts Friday, April 6th, and that means a whole lot of traffic. The 6-block festival on Main Street will have 200 artists and 100 performers on six stages, making the already difficult parking situation a absolute nightmare to deal with. But local businesses owners are warning people not to fall for spots that seem too good to be true...

Chris Gebhardt, owner of Virtbiz, managed tp capture a parking scam on camera (check out the footage here). There are six parking spots behind Gebhardt's business, right in the middle of Deep Ellum's most popular restaurants and venues. These spots are reserved for customers and employees and are riddled with no parking signs.

Gebhardt sees cars towed from the spots every weekend, but recently he notices way more tows than usual. After reviewing the security camera footage, Chris spotted a man impersonating a parking lot attendant. The unidentified man would wave cars into the spots, collect a fee from the drivers and walk away, leaving the cars to get towed.

Police are currently reviewing the footage, but in the mean time Gebhardt gave has some sound advice for Festival goers:

"I would say its really important just verify where you’re parking. If there’s a no parking sign and a random guy is telling you ‘give me five dollars.’ I’d believe the sign before the random guy on the street.”