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WATCH: This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend While Skydiving

March 19, 2018

As if finding your soul mate wasn't tough enough, once you decide to pop the question, you have to figure out how...

The propsoal has to be memorable, and creative, which is hard when there's a constant stream of viral proposal videos. The question comes down to figuring out how to be orignal in a world where everyone shares what they do.

Rejection videos are hillarious, but we're happy to report that this newest viral proposal was a massive success, despite some serious risks, and one of the most creative we've ever seen. The man in the video above decided that the best time to pop the question was during a skydive!

Guy proposes to girlfriend during skydive jump - Daily Mail

You can see that once the parachute deployes, he asks "do you want to marry me?" producing a ring. Somehow he managed hold on to ring, and we even see his new fiance put the ring on before they even touch down. 

There's a side in all of us that sees this headline and hopes that it goes horribly wrong, but somehow this managed to pull off one of the riskyist proposals ever attempted.

Via Barstool Sports