Little League World Series Championship Game

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Video Goes Viral Of Parents Starting A Huge Brawl At A Youth Baseball Game

June 19, 2019

These parents definitely took things way too far. 

Over the weekend was Fathers Day, what better way to celebrate than by watching your child’s little league baseball game? 

A video from last weekend of parents getting into a huge brawl during a 7-year-olds baseball game has gone viral. So far four people have been cited for disorderly conduct and fighting in public. Police are currently seeking information concerning one other individual. 

What started this giant free for all match? Apparently, one parent didn’t agree with a call that the 13-year-old umpire made. One thing led to another and all the parents ended on the field fighting each other. According to Police in Lakewood, Colorado multiple people suffered minor injuries, while one person sustained a serious injury. 

The video taken by one parent shows how quickly things got out of hand, luckily no children were hurt during the event.

Via: NBC News