[VIDEO] Man Late For Work Paddle Boards Across Hudson River

June 25, 2018
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We've all been late to work because of traffic, but one NYC commuter refused to let traffic make him late. On Thursday, morning commuters on the ferry crossing the Hudson River spotted something rather odd...

Eunice Rivers captured a man in a full suit, dress shoes and bag, stand up paddle boarding across the river. The brave paddle boarder was Scott Holt. Holt is a comedian who lives in Jersey City.

According to Holt, he was late for a meeting with a potential manager and decided to skip the traffic by hopping on his board. Holt says the trip only took about 30 minutes. 

Holt says the trip wasn't particularly easy or relaxing, "Boats' wakes were coming at me from different angles and the current was quick closer to Manhattan." Once he made the crossing, Holt was met by a confused cop and very angry Water Taxi captain.

Holt has no regrets about the commute saying, "I got a free commute and a free shoe shine out of it." And yes, he did make it on time to the meeting, though, "The meeting didn’t go as well as my commute. I’m still looking for a manager," said Holt.