[VIDEO] Australian Man Finds Python In His Garage, Refuses To Leave

August 9, 2018



An Australian man spots a 9-foot snake crawling to the roof of his house and into the attic.

Robbie Knill, the man who spotted the snake, saw the crawling python roughly 6 months ago. He even named the python Dirk. (Nothing to do with Dirk from the Dallas Mavericks). 

The homeowner finds the python on the rafter in the attic and had to fight a little to take him down to the ground.

When he did, he took him and left it in the bushes. Knill thinks that the snake liked the attic so much, he came slithering back to his home again.

"I started to think he must really like it in the shed for him to come back, and I think he respected me after the fight", Knill says.

What would you do if a python slithered on your house and into the attic?