Queen front-man Freddie Mercury

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Freddie Mercury Unknown Interesting Facts Told By Him

15 things not known about the Queen frontman singer

October 11, 2019

Freddie Mercury, The Queen frontman and a man of many talents.  He was an amazing songwriter and a one of a kind performer. Yet there are so many hidden truths about Mercury.

Here are 15 shocking unknown facts about Freddie Mercury told by the singer:

1.      Freddie was lustrous boxer

 Mercury was good a tennis player. He enjoyed rugby but really loved the boxing ring. “I could sprint, I was good at hockey, and I was just brilliant in the boxing ring,” he revealed.

2.      He rescued the tennis Player Billie Jean King

Mercury loved the party scene and even though he had been warned not to go to a Brooklyn disco called The Gilded Grape, he still decided to go.  A fight broke out.  “Chairs were being smashed, fists were flying, there was blood everywhere. Billie Jean King was petrified, but I loved it. I told her not to worry, and as the fight raged I grabbed her and took her on to the dancefloor.

3.      His sense of style scared his parents

“I used to go home periodically and turn up in these outrageous clothes, with my fingernails painted black, and at that time my mother used to freak out! They used to say, ‘My God! Don’t let the neighbors see you. Come in here quick! Use the back door!’”

4.      He was the designer of the iconic Queen Logo

“We decided to call the band Queen and I designed the Queen crest logo,” he revealed.  Mercury received his diploma in Art and Graphic Design from Ealing which helped when creating the logo.

5.      He was an Insomniac

“I can go without sleep for long periods, that’s my nature. I can get by on just two or three hours a night. just sleeping on a plane when I’m flying for 20 minutes. That’s enough for me. I recharge my batteries in that short a time and I’m up again.”

6.      Even though he did not sleep much he dreams

“Quite often I have vicious nightmares, I dreamed I went out onto my balcony and the whole thing fell down and I was in a heap on the pavement. Really, I was petrified when I woke up,” said Mercury.

7.      He was not intimidated to stand up to punk rebels

In 1974, Queen was recording a song in London members form Sex Pistols were in the next studio recording too. He offered to do a collab with the Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious.  They denied the invitation and got into an altercation, but Mercury was not afraid to speak his mind and give the men his piece of mind.

8.      He was afraid of small planes

Mercury did not like it when they had to travel on a small jet in South America. “I was terrified. I don’t like flying in anything smaller than a jumbo jet

9.      He had an offer to star on Broadway with Linda Ronstadt

“They asked me to do Broadway once – La Bohème with Linda Ronstadt – and I thought, You’re kidding! I can’t sing for six or seven days a week on the same stage: I’d be bored to death.”

10.   Loved singing naked

Mercury battled hard to cope with vocal cord problems – and found that rehearsing without clothes helped.

“To warm up, I do what I call ‘mock operatics’. I do it naked, though, because there’s a certain piquancy about that. With clothes on, it doesn’t work, so I sing in the complete raw.

11.  He was a beast at playing Scrabble

‘Innuendo’ is a word I often use in Scrabble – I’m a demon at Scrabble! For Queen, it’s a perfect title.”

12.  He almost made r a super group with Elton John and Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart, Elton John and I were going to form a band, once upon a time, called Hair, Nose And Teeth – after the three of us. It’s nice when you’ve had a lot of wine and you talk about it and say, ‘Yes, let’s do it,’ but the next day, when you’re sober and Elton says, ‘I’m not gonna sing with Rod,’ and Rod says, ‘I’m not gonna sing with Freddie,’ and I say, ‘Well, I’m not gonna sing with Elton!’ you realize it’s never going to happen,” said Mercury.

13.  Elton John gave him property advice

A man offered me four million pounds for it. I told Elton John and he said, ‘Quick, sell it to him and live in a pre-fab!’ But it’s my dream home and I don’t care how much it costs me.”

14.  His house was filled with expensive art

“I have to be surrounded by something, even if it’s just objet d’art. So, I collect a lot, and my whole house is filled with beautiful Japanese art and antiques,” said Mercury.

15.  Art Inspired his song writing

Mercury said he wrote the song ‘The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke’ after being inspired by a painting he had seen at the Tate Gallery in London. I was thoroughly inspired. I was using his text, as it were, to depict the painting, what I thought I saw in it.”

These are some of the many lesser-known facts revealed about Freddie Mercury from his life and work.

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