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U.K. Man Buys A Thrift Sale Painting For $300, Could Be Worth Millions

June 7, 2019

Philip Stapleton was out thrift shopping where he stumbled upon a painting that he really liked.

He purchased the painting for nearly $300, and after talking wtih some experts and such, this painting could make him a millionaire.

Stapleton goes to an auction house to see if the painting is authentic. After researching and looking through the painting, they found a "very clear" signature of Picasso.

"The signature is clearly Picasso but with a message - you could try to work out what it says, it could be in Spanish, it could be in English, it could be in French we're not sure, but very definitely there's the name Roland and a date, but the date's quite indistinct - we'd love to know what the message says," said Roland Penrose, a friend of Stapleton.

After hearing that this painting could be authentic, it could be sold for at least $950,000. Other paintings from before were sold for more than $130 million!

People are just so lucky!


via FOX News