Joe Raedle / Staff

TSA Stops Man Trying To Bring Home Souvenir Missile Launcher

The Man Was Returning Home From Military Duty And Had The Dead Missile Launcher In Checked Luggage

July 29, 2019

Travelers attempt to get items past security every day at airports across the country, but it’s not every day TSA comes across a missile launcher in someone’s luggage. That’s what happened Monday at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, when a TSA agent came across the troubling item during security screening. Luckily, it was all a misunderstanding.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, officers found the missile launcher during routine baggage screening. The item was in the travelers check luggage, as TSA quickly notified airport police to track down the owner.

The man, who is from Jacksonville, Texas, told police he was traveling home from military duty in Kuwait. He had picked up the missile launcher and wanted to keep it as a souvenir. “Fortunately the item was not a live device,” the TSA said in a statement

After speaking to police, the man was released and allowed to continue his journey home, but sadly did not get his souvenir back. The missile launcher was turned over to the Maryland fire marshal for disposal. Luckily, this mistake was cleared up, but TSA may have to add missile launchers to their list of prohibited items.

Via NBC News